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Men's tennis opens Marlins Invitational for inaugural competition

Men's tennis opens Marlins Invitational for inaugural competition

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. – The Marymount University men's tennis team competed in its first-ever competition of its inaugural season, playing in the Marlins Invitational at Virginia Wesleyan University to start the fall season.

The Saints began the three-day, flighted event against Virginia Wesleyan, Southern Virginia University, Hampden-Sydney College, and Washington (Md.) College, picking up two victories in the doubles flights and three in the singles flights.

The results from the first day of action are listed below:

Doubles Flights

A- Guiot/Stromberg (MU) def Perry/West (VWU) 8-1

B-Wilson/Tep (VWU) def Chamuleau/Devkaran (MU) 8-2

C- Combos/Gunther def Etame-Ese/Sijera (MU) 8-0

A- Moody/Moody (HSC) def Motlojoa/D. Blonquist (SVU) 8-7 (5)

B- Dias/Monson (SVU) def Cummings/Burns (HSC) 8-2

C- Sherwood/Spencer (SVU) def Donelson/Theoharis (HSC) 8-2

A- Dias/Monson (SVU) def Guiot/Stromberg (MU) 8-2

B- Motlojoa/ D. Blonquist (SVU) def Chamuleau/Devkaran (MU) 8-2

C- A. Blonquist/Spencer (SVU) def Etame-Ese/Sijera (MU) 8-1

A- Moody/Moody (HSC) def Eisenmagen/Hickey (WC) 8-2

B- Burns/Cummings (HSC) def Meriot/Strober )WC) 8-6

C- Evans/Smith (WC) def Conde/Donelson (HSC) 8-3

A- D. Blonquist/Motlojoa (SVU) def Perry/West (VWU) 8-1

B- Dias/Monson (SVU) def Tep/Wilson (VWU) 8-3

C- Spencer/A. Blonquist (SVU) def Gunther/Combos (VWU) 8-7 (1)

A- Guiot/Stromberg (MU) def Hickey/Smith (WC) 8-6

B- Strober/Evans (WC) def Chamuleau/Devkaran (MU) 8-4

C- Gruyon/Province (WC) def Etame-Ese/Sijera (MU) 8-1

Singles Flights

A- Matthew Moody (HSC) def Paul Eisenmagen (WC) 8-5

B- Landon Strober (WC) def Michael Moody (HSC) 8-3

C- Clark Cummings (HSC) def August Meriot (WC) 8-5

D- Kyle Hickey (WC) def Grayson Burns (HSC) 8-7 (2)

E- Andrew Province (WC) def Andrew Donelson (HSC) 8-4

F- Andrew Smith (WC) def Zander Theoharis (HSC) 8-3

G- Christian Gruyon (WC) def patrick Conde (HSC) 8-0

H- Andrew Province (WC) def Zander Theoharis (HSC) 8-0

A- Dorian Guiot (MU) def Timothy Tep (VWU) 8-7 (5)

B- Nicolas Stromberg (MU) def Andreas Combos (VWU) 8-7 (6)

C- Anthony Wilson (VWU) def Neal Devkaran (MU) 8-0

D- Henry West (VWU) def Brecht Chamuleau (MU) 8-3

E- Nick Gunther (VWU) def Anthony Sijera (MU) 8-0

F- Roncs Etame-Ese (MU) def Noah Hughes (VWU) 8-4

G- Noah Hughes (VWU) def Ezra Blasi (SVU) 8-4

A- Paul Eisenmagen (WC) def Timothy Tep (VWU) 8-7 (3)

B- Landon Strober (WC) def Andreas Combos (VWU) 8-3

C- Anthony Wilson (VWU) def Andrew Smith (WC) 8-2

D- Andrew Province (WC) def Henry West (VWU) 8-4

E- Nick Gunther (VWU) def Christian Gruyon (WC) 8-1

F- Mitchell Evans (WC) def Noah Hughes (VWU) 8-4

G- Tanner Bassett (SVU) def Patrick Conde (HSC) 8-1

A- Marcos Dias (SVU) def Matthew Moody HSC) ( 8-0

B- Kukutla Motlojoa (SVU) def Michael Moody (HSC) 8-1

C- Paul Monson (SVU) def Clark Cummings (HSC) 8-2

D- D. Blonquist (SVU) def Andrew Donelson (HSC) 8-5

E- Ben Spencer (SVU) def Patrick Conde (HSC) 8-0

F- Tanner Bassett (SVU) def Zander Theoharis (HSC) 8-2

G- Tanner Bassett (SVU) def Christian Gruyon (WC) 8-2

The teams will continue competition on Sunday, September 29, beginning at 9 a.m., with the Saints taking on Washington College in singles competition.